Thursday, April 12, 2012

3D Landmarks now in Google Maps

Google Maps have been enhanced The 3D representations of buildings. Here we can check out more than 1000 available landmarks across the world in detailed imagery.  The new rendering looks seems to us as like the real building with its shadows and smoothers curves. These features are only available for now just in Google maps online. In Google Maps some notable improved sites include the Piazza Del Duomo in Florence, Italy, the Burj Khaifa in Dubai, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the White House in America and the Petronas Tower in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

The In-Browser hardware acclerated 3D Graphics version of the service, Google Maps GL with smoother transition between imagery yet to receive the updated 3D Landmarks renderings. One of the Google Maps Software Engineer Paul Messmer said in blog that the feature will be available very soon on Google Maps GL. On the post there was no mention that when will it would be available on the Mobile version of Google Maps. Paul Messmer also said that “ He believes the improved 3D rendering will be of particular use of tourists. It's much easier to get a sense of your location by simply comparing the shapes of buildings on the map to what you see out your window. By combining 3D buildings with other Google Maps features like Street View and driving directions, you'll have the most advanced ‘tourist map’ on the planet.”
For improving its mapping products Google has been on a roll in recent months. In Google Maps all the images are available in 45 Degree satellite imagery. And the updated 6.2 rendering engine of Google Earth from patchy long-range imagery that’s smoothes out the quilt of images.