Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dell introduce their new Wyse thin for the latest version of OS Windows 8

It just been 60 days The World Class Manufacturer Company Dell has Completed the acquisition of Wyse thin client company. The business unit is going forward with the plans to be release the new Wyse thin clients which is designed to work with upcoming Windows 8 OS from Microsoft. Next month in San Francisco at the VMware Tradeshow, thats new Wyse thin will be shown for trade.   
The Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer Jeff McNaught said that the new hardware will shown

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Facebook TimeLine! A new kind of profile. starting on August 14, 2012

On a recent IT news we are hearing that,One of the best Social Networking site FaceBook is going to make a change for the users in their website. which they named Facebook Timeline. It will be a time based profile which is starting with your joining date in facebook and closing with the end of your current status. Most of the users on facebook are using the facebook timeline.