Thursday, May 24, 2012

World’s top mobile processor company Apple

In stat: as the world’s top mobile processor company Apple could overtake Intel by the end of this year. As an iconic consumer brand electronic company Apple a string of  successful products. According to news released by In-Stat this week, it also become world’s largest company for mobile processor end of this year.
Last year Apple shipped around 176 million processors for iPad & iPhone and its 13.5% of share market where Intel shipped 181 million processor and its 13.9% in share market. So there’s no large gap to overcome.
Earlier this week, Tim Cook the CEO of Apple said that, it was only a matter of time before the Tab market surpassed the PC market, citing research firm Gartner's projection of Tab shipments are reaching in 2015 is around 325 million.
Apple serves a captive audience which using its A4, A5 & A5X mobile processors in its. That should worry Intel if Apple starts using own processors in MacBook Air laptop and other devices said McGregor the chief technology strategist in Apple.
Also Apple has provided to the ARM camp, which is challenge to Intel in PC space. Windows 8 OS from Microsoft will work on the x86 and ARM, also the other companies as Qualcomm are introduce ARM-based PCs as alternative to Intel PCs.
According to the In-Stat study, ARM is rise as x86 declines in mobile processor market. The shipments of Intel & Apple mobile processor in 2011 were Texas Instruments, Qualcomm & Samsung are all ARM licensees, whether x86 chip Advanced Micro Devices took the 6th place.


  1. the Apple is one of the best Manufacturer in world. so they can be.

  2. I think so and thanks for your reply.