Monday, October 8, 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 Upgrade only for $40

Microsoft announced on Monday this year later we will let the users to upgrade PCs to new released Windows 8 from Windows XP, Vista, Win 7. And the user upgrade cost is only for $39.99. Another way Microsoft Original Windows 8 DVD with a box users can get it on the cost of only for $69.99.
Stephen Baker, the analyst of the NPD Group has acknowledged that  Microsoft signaled it seriousness about getting many people to divert
with new Operating System. Although even he declined that price label is as aggressive. Referring to the Gamble Microsoft Baker said, “ its even more important at this time around”. Its taking dramatically different with Windows 8 and it also has the new Metro User Interface (UI).
The deal is kicked off when The Microsoft launches their windows 8 in this year later, and through the offers for the most advanced retail version of OS, Windows 8 Pro as Upgrade. The new advanced OS, Windows 8 could be released on January 2013. Users can get the upgrade  from Microsoft Official websites or in 37 different languages.

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