Saturday, September 3, 2011

Copyright Protection; highlights Google

Google has faced intense criticism for copyright issues. It has made progress on four copyright protection initiatives which is outlined in December next.
The company has finished building tools that allow it to act in 24 hours
for valid complaints from copyright owners. Its called ‘Take Down Notice’ that their content is appearing Google sites or Blogger without permission.
After simplifying the process of submitting these complaint by the tools, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) will cite that and then request them to be removed their works from the website.
The tools are now being successfully used by more than a dozen of content industry. More than 75% of all URLs submitted in DMCA takedowns for Web Search. The response time given for these partners is well below the 24 hour target, said Kent Walker, senior vice president & general counsel, Google.
The company said, Google will make the tools more available to the copyright owners. They have a track record of valid takedown requests.
Auto-complete features associated with the searches for pirated content Google has been proactively weeding out from its query Since January.
To give more prominent placement on search results to authorized preview content, Google starting a feature called Music Rich Snippets, which is designed for music sites to highlight their contents that appear in Google search results.

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