Friday, August 26, 2011

The expects from iPhone 5 & iPhone 4 to the Apple's

Apple Inc, one of the world's most valuable technology company, to be gearing up for the future ‘Smart Phone’ war on two fronts, even as Steve Jobs is bidding adieu to the organization he built. While Apple wants to keep the lead in introducing revolutionary products, it is also introducing cheaper products to take the rivals like Nokia, Samsung and others.

Apple's new ‘Smart Phone’ expected to be called iPhone 5,may well hit the US market in this year, a month later than expected by analysts. According to a Journal report on Wednesday, the timing may be made to contribute to sales in Apple's fiscal fourth quarter, which ends in September this year.. The news of iPhone 5 comes at a time when Apple has also announced plans to release a  iPhone 4 within weeks. And the news was followed by the announcement that Steve Jobs is stepping down as Apple CEO.
The strategy to introduce cheaper version of its ‘Smart Phone’ for the first time ever, is a clear attempt to arrest its declining profit margins of Apples. Over the past few months its Korean rivals like Samsung, LG and the likes have introduced several versions high end models, to attract customer looking for more affordable phones.
Meanwhile, reports indicate Apple's efforts to expand its presence in emerging markets in a greater way. The ‘Smart Phone’ maker is reported to be in talks with leading Chinese carriers China Mobile Ltd and China Telecom Corp Ltd. and both have reportedly expressed there eagerness to tie-up with Apple.
But now with Steve Job’s resigning, what will be the impact of the same future needs to be wait and seen.

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